Squinting in the light

by on May 3, 2014 :: 0 comments

Hark! What light thru yonder bedsprings breaks?
It’s morning and the mockingbird is pecking it’s smeck under
dripping dew
Glistened blades of cerulean
Shimmering night crusted sleep
Crackles open
Newborn day
Gasps into nicotine stained lungs
Prism sun dappled your sleeping
Wondrously makes me squint in delight

This poem was commissioned by our Poetry Editor in September, 2013. Opalina was offering to write poems for spending money, and MH responded:

        OK, interesting!
        I would like 2 poems:
        Subject 1 – whistling in the dark
        Subject 2 – squinting in the light
        See where ur mojo takes you… mh

        This is one of the two poems she delivered.

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