Mirrored Manes

by May 8, 2014 0 comments

With windows down and
Roaring gusts pouring
Through the cracks, our
Laughter was drowned
And I inhaled your
Long hair, which swished
Across the space between
Our seats and whispered
Into my wide open

xxxxxxOutside, dusk-purple
Fields rushed past, but
The silhouettes of eight still
Horses, necks declined
Toward a stream, manes
Frenzied in the same breeze
Held my gaze as I felt
That they, and you, and I,
Were untamed –
Existing as a single wild being
Mirrored across asphalt,
Grass, and time, through
The window panes.

editors note:

Wild anima infuses both through paned perfection. Yes! – mh

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