Knowing When to Stop

by on May 31, 2014 :: 0 comments

In traffic it’s simple enough; the signs are there – an abrupt
one word command that doesn’t suggest alternatives, no
please or thank you. Even the color sets off alarms in us,

fire truck red, blood red, a blazing primal shade highlighting
the command to stop, cease progress and notice the others
around us, the other drivers’ need to stop and go in polite order,

or the pedestrians who persist in walking about, who think
nothing of crossing, stepping bravely out into the crosswalk
believing in the power of that one word and our instinctive
reaction to it. We stop, it’s that simple, something outside
of us commands it and we stop; it’s parental, it’s big brother,

and in traffic it mostly works, keeps us inline, waiting our turn,
makes us think of others and consequences, of how one thing
leads on to another, how an important part of going is stopping.

And then, if we stop even briefly, a heartbeat, an aside perhaps,
we have the moment, a necessary and calm moment withheld
from all this, and when our turn comes we continue on, like always.

editors note:

That’s it! We need those little moments to find center, achieve balance. No! Stop! – mh

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