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I quoted the Raven once

before a crowd of numb zealots
masquerading as intellectual phenoms
with glasses low and smokes held high
in that, you don’t get it, kind of way

fear had controlled my flow, stuttering
in cadence with a three bladed ceiling fan
the struggle to show and not tell
was painful
each phrase deniable

there was something in my eye
visible in this astute arena
in this morass of perfect personalities,
they found me a bore
not enough elan for their taste
and the tear in my jeans was off a bit
the Pimm’s Cup in black tee did smile
at the lack of a pocket on mine

if you find yourself here one day
try and hide the fear, the smell
your essence of total angst

and whatever you do
DO NOT envision the audience naked
as this crowd made transparently clear,
you will never be as good
as those you try to please

editors note:

Flaunt your idea of angst! Fluster those phenoms; naked beneath their clothes. – mh

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