A Writer’s Credo

by May 11, 2014 0 comments

This business of words
can make you either
prosperous or bankrupt
on the purpose
with which you propel
the weight of your investment.

First, lay out to yourself
your portfolio of intentions:
the wish to use your gift
to open paths beyond your own gain
that they may moor
your world
to some state more secure
invested in eternal currencies
of truth, benevolence and high-

Choose to eschew
the handling of your assets
with uncaring self-
interest. Learn
from past deficits
how mindless speculation
is like throwing seeds
on famished ground.

Know how words are not just
discardable appellations,

how they thrive munificently
in clearest,
purposeful minds.

editors note:

Those slippery little things have life – watch how you speak’em. – mh

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