Substances Come Together

by on April 26, 2014 :: 0 comments

With shrinking orifice,
She smiles.
She never thinks what’ll be next,
But her calm bosom vibrates,
Waves and waves dash themselves,
She stands and spills,
But she’s happy and sad at a time,
And she’s sliding,
She brings inundation,
She carries away all of her adjoining together,
And she is engorged much,

So she’s enraged now.
With a loud crash,
She falls over an unmoved world,
And she makes all of us fall there,
Substances fall for fission,
A beautiful nature is disfigured.
Alas! The remaining ones are no ones.
And she’s unidentified.
And she again acts for fusion.
Substances come together!

editors note:

An atom-split heart leaves no one at all, whereas fusion burns love eternal. – mh

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