Soon a Single Machine Will Make Everything

by March 29, 2014 0 comments

It will be beautiful.
Nothing will be wasted
xxxxxxand no one will go hungry.
If you want to wear ugly shoes
xxxxxxthe machine will make them.
If you like bad music
xxxxxxthe machine will create it.
Bad art will flow out of the machine.
The police will use the machine to make
xxxxxxhandcuffs badges guns doughnuts.
Criminals will use the machine to make
xxxxxxlock picks money liquor more money.
The machine will make more machines
that will make more machines
until we will all be standing on machines
watching the tide come in.
Equality will prevail
and jealousy will die.
Even the sky will be machine made.
It will be beautiful
and finished
and everyone will finally shut up
and be satisfied
with what they have.

editors note:

Pop buzz whirrr click; ratchet buzz whirrr click! – mh

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