North Star

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Are you the North Star?
Did we not call you Thuban?
Are you the lone trigger man in an assassinated sky?
Did the cosmic sea become too comical for you?
Did Chris Farley do the fat man in the little coat?
Did it embarrass you?
Is everything we heard true?
Were you made of star wishes?
Did the finger of God really touch Adam?
Did the hydrogen bomb tickle God’s fancy?
Were any halos harmed in the process?
Did it cause a stir in heaven?
When you face North are you just staring at your own lights?
Is it all a hot mess?
When a nomad points at you in the night
do you wink in approval?
Can a heart be led solely by stars?
When Orion adjusts his belt does he make a show of it?
Will we always be able to navigate your lights?
Are we not all at some point dead to rights?
Will we eventually be sucked into a black hole?
Do hopes really lie with the poles?
Will you forever follow the Earth?
Why do opposites attract?
Why are we under constant attack?
When a quarter is dropped in a water fountain
do you roll your eyes?
Will the Earth truly know peace?
How many times did God crumble the paper and start over?
Will the wishing ever stop?

© December 5, 2013

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