A Mediocre Life

by on March 27, 2014 :: 0 comments

Slather me in a temporal mood
as the sun sets on this gray sky
Litigate my attitude from soft platitudes
of simplicity
while ignoring the mediocrity
of my everyday life

Hear the screams from my lungs
of not enough or to much or just right
forgetting another night
barely functioning in the day
wishing for sun shine on my face
hidden by structured paste
let me not waste my breathe
For I care more and not less

To be ruthlessly honest
yet speak with contemplation
of our time and occasion
spent in felicitous embraces
the slow movement of a caress
In the vulnerabilities we possess
breaking the walls between us
stopping the numbness
of this muted life

We live from one moon until the next
As our days become blended
into a mesh of daily meals
and the haze of colorless grays
Searching outside
for the red candle inside our chest
May it burn and never settle
Into a mediocre life

editors note:

Not now, no way, not ever! Resist and create! – mh

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