A ladder, A spear and A beauty parlour

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I am mad after a beauty parlour-
With a spear in hand
unabated has been my climbing
a standing ladder attached
to that hanging beauty parlour up above the sky-
far away, in the kingdom of clouds.
A universal hatred to my ugliness
made me untouchable to the wingless fairies,
boring to the hilarious hearts
and horrible to the dreamful eyes.

Being dumped I was mercilessly so far
in a dark and suffocating room,
surrounded by the useless company
that my inability could arrange,
but could increase the degree of
obedience and sincerity to my heavenly boss
with humble prayer and importunity
for stepping up to the hanging beauty- parlour.

Successful I was to be blessed
and bestowed with a ladder and a spear,
since then my climbing has been on and on
to reach up to the dreamful parlour
for getting myself up-to-date
and the remaining chapters
of my unread and neglected epic collocated.
As I am blissful now in quick climbing
so effective my spear is to
remove the impediments and rivals.
Quite tension-free I am now
as I am accompanied by a blessed soul
and a hopeful heart in my efforts of climbing up
to win a place in the heavenly beauty parlour.

editors note:

A wonderful metaphor! Also double-endorses the popularity of extensions… – mh

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