A Button To Fix It All

by March 11, 2014 0 comments

She sees the past in her dreams
and says things like we’ve always been.
Yet she will scream across the table top
and then lament about love’s many faults.
In those oceans she calls eyes
Is a silken cradle of lies,
I remain the same
– her bless-ed little fault.

I see the future in my way,
heartbreak and debris block our place
It’s now approaching fast
the future now becomes the past.
Yet in my hand is a lovely thing
a button which makes dreams complete
gives us one more chance to repeat
Clicking on it paints a trail
that leads to where you waited
leads me to where I wish fate had

I fell in love before we ever met
I fell in love before the causeway set.

editors note:

These days, the best adhesives stick forever. Best to stay solvent… – mh

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