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I used to speak muffeletto,
Until some told me that
It was a sandwich. I thought

About pianissimo, but that
Seemed too loud and tinkly.
So, now, for the most part, I

Speak softly, sometimes ever-so
Softly, and carry, behind my back,
A very, very large stick. One

Of the Roosevelts said that
When speaking about our country.
Well, sez I, seems like good advice

To me. I am my own country,
The mighty Republic of Me, sometimes
A democracy (all of my selves have a vote),

Sometimes, just sometimes, a monarchy –
I am the Queen of Me! the Queen
Bee, a right, royal person, secure

On my throne, no one will overthrow me.
Sometimes, I am a Socialist (so sue me!).
Sometimes far too Liberal, sometimes

Far too Conservative, sometimes
So Middle-of-the-Road it’s depressing,
A rebel at heart, not on the surface.

Wishy-washy, namby-pamby, upsy-daisy,
Oopsy-whoopsy, onkey-donkey, okey-dokey,
Icky-dicky, never too good at tricky-

Dicky, (gave it up early). You say Picasso.
I say stacatto. Either way up, I’m just
Good old mutable, changable, mostly

(if you take the trouble)

editors note:

If you’re asking me, I’d say, “Yes!” But, he-nique? She-nique? We-nique? No-nique, nobody knows me like my Mama knows me… – mh

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