The Change

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Deep inside the thatched building, filled with red, yellow, green
of all sizes, lengths and shapes, tangled separately and amongst each other,
she screamed.

All the others breezed passed
as if moving through Hitler’s funeral.

She whimpered, cried, thrashed around
like a turtle on its back, struggling to see the world…
from an upright position.

The bicyclist laughed
a little boy cautiously crept by without so much as touching
the thing in front of him.

As the tears streamed longer
and the voice crackled with coughs,
the pleas for help simply could not be ignored.

After a photo of the unhappiest of attendees
the father pointed to the mother –
“I think she needs a diaper change!”

In the corner of the arboretum,
the lilies whispered, “Hush little baby…”

editors note:

Noise and waste; pollution affects all. “Hush!” indeed. – mh

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