Reason Number 17

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You make plans.
That is what not being a victim is.

We are so sorry, they are going to say.

So that when the letter arrives
or the phone rings,
you can just nod, say yes, thank you
and no thank you.
and then leave of your own volition.

We will be in touch as soon as possible, they are going to say.

You have to be ready for these sorts of things.
You have to have a bag packed,
and good shoes.
You have to have a change of underwear and an atlas.

Good luck, they are going to say.

You have to get rid of everything else.
Sell it. Throw it away. Give it away.
Burn it. Drop it in the ocean.
Let it float away.
It doesn’t matter.

That is essential. You must look them in the eye.
And you certainly must not gloat, either.
You don’t want to seem ungracious.
The sky is unfolding.
This is being ready.
Now there is nothing to do but wait.

You are young. You’ll be fine, they are going to say.

You are ready. You have always been ready.
Just open the door.

editors note:

Plan, yes! Like a good scout – always be prepared…to scoot. – mh

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