Haiku Exotica

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Silent empty branches!
A snowy white owl
swoops up the mouse.
An angel’s aura.
Sleeps naked pretending
on Satin sheets.

She undresses me!
With golden brown eyes
spooning with mine.

Soft wet kisses.
Harmonic pulse beats
hearts entwine.
Softly nibbling!
Caressing nipples
she sighs.

Tropical heat wave!
Pheromones surging

Burning passion!
Feeling cock-a-do-a-do-do
in-her thighs.

Swollen clitoris!
Naked truth enthroned
in a bushel.
Pan’s Flute!
Playful musical notes

Tumbling and Heaving
Into Ecstasy.

Fantasy or Delight?
Wondering what thing
You have spied, this night?

editors note:

What a hoot! A hot haiku hopscotch! (Did he say “Hoot” ? Heads down! Owl’s on the prowl!) – mh

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