drink me in the morning
be gone by the afternoon
sing me guy clark’s
dublin blues by the time
they light the moon (spoon)

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they told me to put down
exactly what i meant. more
flowers should be midnight
blue in a sea of emerald green.
bring me a beautiful brunette
with motel keys and a heart
like conan the barbarian
standing on the snake king’s
marble steps amidst a sea
of flame. bring me the head
of god he seems like the kind
willing to make a sacrifice.
close the gap. kiss me and
hold me near while i whisper
in your ear “everything you’ve
ever needed to be great is already
inside you.” i am an ever circling
satellite. poetry is the signal
i receive. bring me exactly what
i mean.

editors note:

Meaning without meanness when “what you don’t mean can’t hurt ya!” – mh

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