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I hear a violent pounding on my neighbour’s door but there’s no response
The poor guy must be at work
I remain seated in my flat not giving a shit about what awaits
And then the inevitable happens
A violent pounding starts on my door and as I stand I hear a vitriolic scream
I know you’re in there the voice roars as I pause nervous and worried for the first time
As I open the door I see a man who fills most of the corridor,
A huge beast of a man and I suddenly turn on my diplomatic act hoping he believes
Where is she he demands as he tries to barge past me but
I thrust my arm out to stop him
Telling him I’m all alone and am just about to leave for work
I manoeuvre him to the top of the stairs
Where I suggest rather bravely that he move on as she’s not around
But then there she is, on the landing below
Long black curly hair and a beautiful face made up like a low-grade working girl,
A tight clingy green dress that shows off all the right curves and shapes
She’s too good for this bum I think
But we move on down and she moves on up
And they hug as I continue off to work

editors note:

Whew! Close call, that. Gotta wonder though, did she drop out his back window to circle ’round to the landing? – mh

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