Two Neighbours

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In every night,
time steers the magical stick,
makes the hilarious houses unconscious
from the huts to the skyscrapers-
shutting their doors and windows
but enchants the two shrewd neighbours,
who express their concealed friendship through hotline,
organise a luxurious party in a secret paradise,
exchange surprise gifts and packages
and discover the tactics of making people fools.

Routine-wise the sun appears in the morning,
makes everything from material to immaterial
transparent and comprehensible
to open eyes and ears and to hearts and souls.
The two clever neighbours wash out the friendship,
proclaim hostility in front of micro phone,
throw the bombs to each other
made of synthetic hatred and anger,
inject the alcohol of enmity into people’s minds
and build up an aggressive and toddling society.

Within a fraction of a moment-
universal friendship and fraternity get mingled,
peace and harmony commit suicide,
intelligence and intellectuality hide in the knees
and all fools join in well-planned hustle and bustle
on the top floor and on the ground floor-
cheating, pillaging, and even blood shedding.
Alas! The earth rotates and again night appears,
brings the two neighbours lips to lips through cell phone
and in the outside a pathetic weeping reverberates in the air.

editors note:

The game of one-upmanship played on a large scale. Heads down, People! Wait ’til the dust clears… – mh

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