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The sun shines through winter trees
And songs are sung beneath the crescent moon.
Children and animals complete the painting
But do not touch it,
Well, not just yet.
Shadows cast by falling leaves soon pass
And a failing year will sweep them away,
As the softness of autumn melts into the earth.
But leave it for a while, do not feel it,
Well, not just yet.
Let your life run its course, plan those small steps,
Watch all those smiles, listen to the laughter,
See the orange glow of the day dissolve into the sea,
But do not bathe your soul,
Well, not just yet.
Capture the memories of the past,
Hold onto the present as the future claims your thoughts,
As your friends reach out to you.
Clutch their outstretched hands or are you thinking,
Well, not just yet?

editors note:

That’s exactly what I’m thinking! (Another one from Derrick on his page – check it out!) – mh

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