Inside the Fire

by on January 23, 2014 :: 0 comments

To be in the center of a flame
Blue crystalline droplet
Wrapped in yellow orange tongues
Warmed until just before boiling point

Fires rage inside the wild courageous hearts
That I hold in my hand
Feeling the power of the beasts
Solar flares erupt from inside
Singeing my eyelashes
Kneeling though I am unafraid
Of looking the sun in the eye

I will be your arsonist
The globe surrounded by orange waves
Together we become lava
Seeping through the cracks in the sidewalk
Like a boiling flood
Over hot coals

To be inside the fire
To reflect the fire inside me
And know it by name

editors note:

If you would be my arsonist, then I would be your fuel; spilled, sputtered and spent. – mh

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