Frightened Into Bravery

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“Oh my God, we’ve never seen
anything like it, have we?
The way you jumped over that
table, skidded under the next two
and rose swinging a chair around you.
You were like lightning, I swear
at one point you practically ran
up a wall, an actual wall! seriously.
The massive guy dropped, man
just like a sack of potatoes.
And those plant pots, Jesus Christ
what made you think of those?
They were flying around everywhere.
It took 10 officers to restrain you
and carry you out, upside down.
It was the craziest thing
that any of us has ever seen
you are the talk of the place, a legend.
What set you off man, tell us
come on, we’re dying to know?”

“Well, I was just frightened, you know!”

© 2012

editors note:

Whiskey and adrenaline; bad news. Casual pub crawlers beware the frightened philanderer; best walk on. – mh

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