Malice: A Custom Tour from Everafter

by on December 21, 2013 :: 0 comments

The trip this year had us slip through malice
xGot it all over us
xxWe bought postcards
xxxWith pictures of bruises
And decided next time round not to book again

But we never gave up ideas of sliding past acrimony
xAs blue and grey runaways
xxWith a stabbing nostalgia
xxxWe’ll rip at our souvenirs
Not stopping to ask how we can scream and smile at the same time

Next year there will be a sudden honking outside
xSome sort of announced abduction
xxTo a place you first charted
xxxWith pictures of bruises
To illustrate the fun we’d have when we got married, angry and carried away

editors note:

A slip and a slide through Honeymoon Haven or Holiday Hell is defined by the fine distinction between a scream and a smile. – mh

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