Food Fair

by December 11, 2013 0 comments

When we were
You told me,
“You are what you eat.”

So I cooked
Soybean stews,
Soybean soups,
Soybean casseroles,
And cheese,
And cheese,
And cheese.

My sisters and son knew
We were nuts.
We were kohlrabi.
We were various tubers,
Roots, rhizomes. All those
Spring, summer, fall, winter,
Green, purple, red, yellow


Leaving you, I turned carnivorous,
Looking for lean, red meat,
Satisfying submerged cravings,
Seeking prey for the sensual predator
You never found.

editors note:

Finding a love to match one’s appetite is a life-long endeavor. Bon appetit – mh

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