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So you think I have forgotten that late night,
a long time ago in that scummy place.
On your office couch reading scripts,
While you sat there licking your lips,
I was only 16 years old and scared.
I was lost even though I was prepared,
Like a deer in the headlights I sat so still,
While you pretended that I was perfect.
For the movie with that Napoleon idiot,
short guy with millions, a home in Malibu.
What a miserable little freaky misfit.

I knew that it was too late to meet you,
But I went anyway like all the girls do.
Even though you were old and full of shit,
I was determined to play and outsmart you.
So I sat there and read all of my lines,
like a tangled puppet with lipstick on.
Tight clothes and in my prime,
I turned you on but I was paralyzed,
By a desperate ego and my need for the prize.
Praying that you would sort of be nice,
But when you weren’t I didn’t think twice.

I let down my long hair and blew out a sigh,
I gave you that look straight in your eyes,
I knew that this could never be paradise.
You would never ever see me twice.
So I stood up with my pissed off starlet pose,
High heels, tight skirt and sheer black panty hose.
I said words that you never wanted to hear,
You never had me or even punctured my soul.
Nothing you had could make me part of your show.
Fucking you would be like killing a baby deer,
You can dream of it until your final years.

© 2013

editors note:

This to be followed by “Castration of a Hollywood Casting Director.” If you piss’er off, you’ll sleep on that couch alone. – mh

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