Certain Parameters

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Certain parameters’ brief fictions might get played out
When undertakings, trounced by sparrows, wrens, select jays,
Surge with songs of desolate places, evil sensations, analytical beadles,
Vast tracts of memorized texts.

Portended invertebrate victories, thereafter, could be minimized
According to rare energy pockets, motes, music, mayhem of the electronic sort,
Glimmering from everything arrayed between parenting and religion,
Such martial visions of discrete goals.

Parts of service chanted from ambos, could blur
Because of life’s demarcations, spreading chestnut arbors, constituent atoms,
Spinning due to computer simulations meant to determine rainfall,
Cups of letters exploded off of pages.

Projects essential to maintaining systematic interaction fail
Despite bright floral carpets studded with burnet, smallage, skirret,
Generating structural modifications, redefinition, other incalculable help,
Uncommon folk’s workaday tapestries.

Chainmail-decked lords, thus get stymied, can’t exercise
Although print editors, peer reviews, SEO gurus, all text families,
Array desired properties, create enough expose’ for multiple audiences,
Magnetic exchanges juxtaposed with pocket money.

editors note:

Repose our ragged rulers, rest our rank rapacity. A lot of everything ensures no value guarantee. Measure that, you captains of industry! – mh

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