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Looking past the years of the future
xxxxxxxxxxxxTo see a time without measure,
xxxxxxTrusting only my eyes to guide me,
xxxxxxxxxxxxFilled with the memories of the milky beginning,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWithstanding magnetism
xxxxxxxxIn the mists of something incomprehensible,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxExcept by a trained mind,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLike particle Physics,

Seeing the many faces of God,
xxxHiding within Einstein’s undiscovered equation
xxxxxxFor the theory of everything,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThat just might not be right.

Believing in the reasoning
xxxxxxOf the universe,
Just trying to keep my feet
xxxxxxxxxxxxOn the ground, and live my life
xxxxxxBefore the last great supernova,
xxxxxxxxxxxxLights up the sky,

Before the cosmos go cold and silent.

editors note:

Hear this poet, speaking from space? Perspective, folks! Perspective! – mh

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