Dance For Me

by November 21, 2013 0 comments

Dance for Me you said.
And I giggled and hid nervously behind my hand
turning slowly

And You nodded.

Dance for Me You said.
And I stood a little taller, straighter
I raised my hands high above my head
spinning and turning in circles like a top

And You smiled.

Dance for Me you said.
And I grabbed my sparkly tutu
turned on my pretty music
and performed my best princess arabesque
again and again
I bowed deeply

And You laughed.

Dance for Me you said.
And at once I knew I had misunderstood.
I took your warm waiting hands in mine
I felt your need to move
I breathed in and out deeply
I waited
I let You lead the way.

And we danced.

editors note:

For, meant with; two’s better for both. – mh

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