Noon Raga

by on October 23, 2013 :: 0 comments

Murky waters of dying desires
And growing disenchantment
Make unsteady beds
I float on swirling discards
Listening to remembrances
Of unspoken, of unheard
Through shrunken (y)ears
Sip nectar from lotus stems
Cooling off my lips that
Singed when I kissed
White Naga with thousand heads

Molten gold of dreams drip through
Chequered green canopy
Dazzling play of radiance and gloom
Draw crazy patterns on my breast
Some sear into my being
Others just fade away
Like resonance of songs I sang
Or poems I whispered
Into ears awash with apathy

Swathed in silence my feet grow webs
I shake lest they grow roots too
I mean to traverse wastelands
Following whiff of musk
For rituals as old as mountains
Repeated over a thousand times
Each time more fervently
Until I get it right
But like celestial diamond ring
Ecstasy lasts but a moment
Even Gods can’t undo the past

editors note:

Cosmic recollections of this magnitude dwarf any star of human love which flashes once and is gone. How did you spend your lunch hour today? – mh

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