Ely Chilskein

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A haunting brood
on the edge of sleepless
quivering eyes
lucid eight legged
murmurs crawling with
ambitious jaws dripping
foul terror
blackhole screaming
flesh aware and sudden
weeping blood
awakens the long dead
Ely Chilskein

Gravedirt tattered suit
sewn eyelids gushing
worms feasting
on a tombstone smile
churgling laughter
of a midnight memory
the moonlit murder
of cannibal Ely Chilskein

Death rattle
city lights
paved El Dorado
post mortem
car fucking
lip licking
ravens claws questing
the still bagged heart
of child killing Ely Chilskein

Bone thieves lurking
near rotting things
smirking smacking
searching newly dug graves
blood hounds howling
winds and rain clouds
dripping cellos and violins
of memories Violet
who loved and murdered
the loveless child killing cannibal
Ely Chilskein

Fresh dead Ely’s
still beating heart
stopped in Violet’s hands
devoured unknown horrors
boiling guts
and weeping died
eating the poisoned
black heart
of the soulless child killing cannibal
Ely Chilskein

Mud soaked messages
beyond the grave
soul flesh whimpering
death departed
lovers mourn
the taste of the undead
for the flesh of the unborn
torn hand digging hand
pulled toward
the foul kiss
newlywed grave clothes
shed long lusting
the honeymoon outskirts
of near evening
playground children
in silken close
the child killing cannibals
Mr. and Mrs. Ely Chilskein

editors note:

For this Eve All Hallowed, a trick for door banging beggars, looking for sweets; give’m this treat (send them screaming from your door). Mwahahahahaaaaaaaa! – mh

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