Eating Peas

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Eating peas,
Like popping bubble wrap,
Most often, regardless of school,
Obscures chitchat, fantasy play, kin.

Kissing frogs,
Getting work into print,
Making snide remarks, offsets
Responsibilities to book publishers.

Eschewing notions,
Perhaps, brings about science,
Meant, decades ago, to sort out
Differences of zonkeys, zebroids, okapis.

Taking up basket weaving,
Mirroring The Big Island’s vogue,
In semantics, rhetoric, ethics, pedagogy,
Banishes potential commonplaces, outsells recognition.

Flapping discourse,
Substituting for functional kitchens,
Temporarily grants welcome to negotiated insights
Bring forward ministrations focused on siblings, cousins, dogs.

Generating words,
Ghostwriting sociology or psychology texts,
In spits of small numbers meant for outsourcing,
Kindly predisposes some aliens, standardized patients, doves.

Accommodating random realities,
Easing dreamy expressions breath by breath,
Making eschewed poetry explode, dance the rhumba,
Causes truth to stumble into arabesques, improved turnout.

editors note:

Such surreal and sideways syllogisms do not make plain cause and effect but do twist truth titillatingly to one turn goodly deserved. So, yes, eat your peas. (Congrats to KJ on her recently released book, “Citrus-Inspired Ceramics,” published by Aldrich Press.) – mh

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