Soap Box Blues

by on August 25, 2013 :: 0 comments

Standing atop a soap box,
xxxOn the corner of Lemmon Ave,
Preaching Hemingway and Asimov.

Explaining the science of War,
xxxTo lost soldiers running a course
Of hypocrisy across their impressionable Children,

I’m standing up to violence,
xxxArmed with the weapons of Love.
Leaving enemies dumbfounded
xxxxxxxxxIn the glory of a faithful man’s god.

Hugging the poor for closure,
The wars in the streets
xxxxxxxxxAren’t caused by the white man,
But perpetuated by the fear of the false power
xxxxxxxxxBehind the white man,
But white men like black men
Just want a chance at a little foreign foreplay,
And I’d fuck both from my soap box,
xxxxxxxxxAll four because were all merely
xxxxxxxxxFloating particles held together
xxxxxxxxxxxxBy Mr. Higgs’ Boson,
xxxxxxxxxxxxSo remain calm,
xxxxxxxxxxxxLife will go on,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPreaching from a soap box.

editors note:

Preacher’s prerogative, wicked war and black/white tensions, all boiled down to atom angst. – mh

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