Pointless: Items 5 Through S

by August 27, 2013 0 comments

Paper’s for lists
Laptop’s for words

Predawn can change
it’s either waking up
or going down
xxxsometimes forgetting

and often as it is
with language
there’s a pipe around

Television’s for hearing
xxxthings like
“He didn’t tell us not to be jelly eaters
did he, Rexella”

Radio’s for drowning
out putting passengers
“Sick tree, rotten fruit”

xxxthat just in
xxxfrom Rexella

Word Perfect’s for assaulting readers
perfect words are for unsold magazines

sleep is shoved
into a small tube
lit and fingers move
…get this

wish you were
reading a list

editors note:

You can check it ’til striped as a list can lean; add-ons are encouraged. – mh

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