Minoan moment

by on August 20, 2013 :: 0 comments

Crete, summer, sun, beach,
blondes near concession tent
ignore heat, debate bikinied

breast to breast. Hot sand
burning feet, they fidget,
shift weight, wipe away sweat

as each lays out her version
of a man-free world.
Points made shushed, not loud,

first one, then the other, turns,
pulls damp bottom loose
from cheeks burned bright,

sways slowly to her towel,
sexy stroll the important thing.
Vendor guy grins, spits,

tongs up another dog,
so red, so juicy,
so big it splits.

editors note:

Stay in line, or don’t. Either way, summer’s gonna bring us some fresh red hots. – mh

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