From Below I Call

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To write a few lines not to be forgotten,
oblivion comes first with fruit and bread.
The corridors of the sanatorium has blue
tiles reminding me of the fluff of an auk.
Mosaist Mozart mortadelle Morte d’Arthur
These walls of uncertainties, doubtful
moments. Sometimes they crash onto
my bed, my head full of visions, these
dreams taking me far away from here.
Epicurean Aesop eiderdown Evelyn
No I won’t bite my finger nails and I
certainly won’t gnaw the stale bread I
baked earlier that year. That’s when I
left your shores and our lives set apart.
Receptionist Rilke rosemary Ruy Blas
They said let’s swim in these troubled
waters where sharks dwell and swirl,
let’s have anxiety cured by its most
paramount implications, let’s go free.
Cartographer Cervantes clay Cinderella
Freedom stinks sometimes. They have
already seen that form of power in their
lives and they cannot take it from me as
all they want to do is grow fat in the end.
Yogi Yuri G. yarn Yseult

editors note:

Randomly reformed sonnet set spinning w/ interspersions; Unforgettable Uruguay uvula Urquhart. (Absolute delight!) – mh

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