Spiraling Somewhereward

by May 31, 2013 0 comments

The thought that life
can begin in your tummy
if we’re not careful
freaks me out
All these people ordering
thick and fevered
… am I really interconnected
with them?
… would I really give my body
over to them

Horrified by the thought
that all this conversation
and errands running are only
really in-between times for
rampant lunacy and random
disconnnected thoughts

… takes the wind out of
my sails

… and that till the day I die
I will swear… SWEAR…
that if you look, REALLY LOOK,
you will see that
Hitler’s blue eyes were kind

editors note:

Lunatic and random, indeed; connections made at your whimsy and peril: A kind look does not a benefactor make. – mh

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