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ashes and firelighters, gasoline
the remnants of an unstable mind
medicated rational.
caught in the act of writing
and morning coffee
vouchsafed in early afternoon.

dreaming, in sleep
looking down my naked body
enumerative cosmic vibrations.
at last, I am found out
a fraud!
a plain written confession.

dear Judas, I see you!
contemplative, walking
stretches of eternity.
the rains of a Sunday afternoon
bearing down your soul.

dear Judas, be comforted at last!
be not in prison of pity
my candle is lit for you.
we are only shadow
dancing on near cave walls
illuminated by

ashes and firelighters, gasoline

editors note:

Absolution: Divine solution, or grand illusion? A question well raised here. Thanks, Jhon! – mh

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