confession of a family doctor

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oh my lord, no longer do I remember
the exact wording of my oath
(that may well contain the phrase ‘relieve suffering’)
but I am still keenly aware of
my ever high-sounding profession
to which I had to lie to enter in the first place:
I volunteered at nursing homes and
community centers, not because
I really had a loving heart, but because
I needed that to be impressive
on my resume, on my application
to the prestigious medical school

now often do I claim to cure everything
though nothing in reality, I pretend to be
nice, polite and caring, though tired of all that
I never put my patients’ health before profits
not because I fear to be black-listed
but because I think I deserve more than I gain

let the patient get sick, better bleed
so I can give pills or send him
to hospitals, where my partners can
get at him, with knives or more pills

editors note:

Ouch! One fears this is not a fictional character; sad, sad and maddening – the ulimate “hypocritic oaf”. (Thanks to the late, great satirist, Walt Kelly for pegging this kind of slug first.) – mh

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