room 168

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dingy door open wide
lights glaring loudly
madness bouncing from boombox
muses floating on confused canvases
repeating over & again
half drunk beer
sweating on night table
keys keeping it company
bedside lamp fueled by cheap bulbs
eyes snapping to kicked off shoes
posing in corner behind door
half upside down
peeks behind corners
calls for her
echo off bathroom tiles
phone winks its LED eye
sink sitting
blinks high
blinks by
tub sits half emptied
water murky with grime
hair slithers on side
unidentified floating object
clothes carelessly clinging
to paper laundromat hangers
favorite hat half twisted
in ugly grimace
back steps
snapshots snapping in mind’s eye
madness continues to echo and loop
muses still confused
brushes bruised with hues
beer still half empty
sweating company with keys
lone hair ribbon speaks volumes
of what is now absent
back stepping away
snapshots still snapping
capturing the scene
escaping room 168
relieved no one was home
door wide open


editors note:

Love uncertain made certain, love no more; escaped within an inch of its life. – mh

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