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Here, ready this space.

Unclutter minds
deliriously engaged in such
habits cacophonous.

Disarm men of the weight
of their noxious weapons
of anger and distrust.

Unlock doors long latched in the clasp
of sorrow and unforgiving.

Begin to sing to them this song
soundless yet euphonious,
this language innate
to God and the angels.

Unfurl with your gaze, gentlest,
this message unflinching
of every soul’s native dignity.

Teach them finally how to sit
above themselves and return
to our shared place of origin
in peace, in stillness.

(New Year’s Day 2013)

editors note:

One last day, when we tire, we’ll hear that final, “Sit down and shut up.” Which will make us smile and, finally, sleep. – mh

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