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You keep me up at night
When I should be dreaming, right
But when I close my eyes
Brush the stars away with a smile

Start to fall into blackness
Then the darkest expanses
Envelope me into the lucid path
Mind goes too fast to just relax

Heard that certain ninja skills
Teach assassins to sneak uphill
Into unsuspecting dreamers still
Reclining until they move in for the kill

Get ready for the evening
Ready for my mind’s wandering
Vaguely slipping into lucid dreaming
If only I could remember the real things

But it’s too much
To just wake up
And remember enough
To change my luck

So I can’t wait to get tired
Busy sleep is what’s required
Can’t wait to see what transpires
When we slip over the astral trip wire

Never know what’s in store
Through Morpheus’ back door
Till you hit the floor
And decide there is no reason to run for

Realize that everything is nothing
And less is more

Whatever you allow for
Is what you are in for
And before you are done for
You ought to know the score

Nox – subconscious

(edited to become the e.p. “Solid Foundations” by Grey poetry by Suza Kanon, © 2004. Guidance Recordings)

editors note:

Dark, but not dim-witted; brightly stated, high-stepping to miss the trip wire. We’ll take all the fors now and that astral tumble later, thanks. – mh clay

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