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Automaton down
Numb after eons of the sculptor’s chiseling,
She with hammer and pike
Plinking steady rhythms
an etude in F-sharp
Daring the stone to reveal something.

Finding nothing
only bare bones, the exoskeleton,
Entrails, loose strings to tie around the hips
Heart, a charred lump, aortic tunnel blasted closed
Brain, an arctic-chilled, dimpled golf ball lumpily rolling by metatarsals
Vacuous, ice-cream-scooped eyes
And slack mandible aghast against grainy gray days.

Ooobotzz flayed over time
entity drifting above bibulous ground and verdant valleys
Nerves whipping at the air
A bizarre, altered bastard galumphing directionless.

She reigns supreme
A deft artist of reduction.

editors note:

This sculptor chisels escape hatches into stone, opening to sky, free passage for captured souls to fly. Oobotzz! Say, what? – mh

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