Me vs. Me on This Eve of All Eves

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Last night I was walkin’ thru wonderlands thinking,
torn apart by all the mes I was being.
When a battle broke out, a me-fight I was feeling.
I had to stand back to witness this dealing.

The young me, the innocent me, the ones who believe.
Versus the old me, the tainted me, who never believed.
The nice me, the naughty me, all the mes in between,
Were fighting and arguing, seen and unseen,
thru this southern winterland, on this eve of all eves.

I’m not sure why my mes came out on this night.
The young me still hoping that peace we would find.
While the older me doubted, saw no peace in sight.
They continued to argue and renew this age fight,
while I listened and wondered which me would be right.

The innocent me said let go of old places.
Suggested I dream of merry times and warm faces.
The tainted me replied, (oh, how this me-battle wages)
don’t listen to fools and ignore all the sages…
this is the end of your innocent ages!

Enough was enough, I could not let this be!
This argument’s rattling, I gotta stop battling me.
When finally I realized, and the mes all agreed,
that peace isn’t something left under a tree.
It comes wrapped in harmony among all my mes.

So tonight, I will walk again, and see what I’m seeing,
in harmony be all the mes I’m meant to be being.
And thru these wonderlands, I’ll surely start thinking,
of this time of love, unity and warm peace-full feelings.

editors note:

Give this one gift to yourself to enable that selfless desire to gift others. This night and every night; dream away, dream away, dream away all! – mh

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