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If you have a hen and rooster
eat eggs not soup,
second rooster, have eggs in your stew
and one day when I wanted
only meat
I killed that lonely hen.

Never send salted water into your garden
lest it kill the crop this year
and next
and still I poured old broth
upon new growth
which wilted and has died.

In troubled times, store the last
potato, onion, rutabaga
for seed in civil springs
don’t do as I and eat
until dirt is the only dinner
while arid winter lingers.

When the land is dry
never kick a burning log
as I did
the sparks flying there, and there
and here
fires licking to life where any ember landed.

When all around are flames
just hold your breath
and your hope.

editors note:

Hold hunger over hope. Don’t kick those flames in the first place. Thanks for the wisdom, Randall! – mh

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