Turn on Switch Off

by on November 12, 2012 :: 0 comments

You see it everyday on the street and on the transport system
Locked into their own little world, not caring or thinking about what is going on
I do it myself sometimes
If it makes me happy or blocks out some idiotic act why should I not bury myself away in a world
of my own making?

Football chants become eclipsed by Beach Boy meditation routines or punk rock expletives
I turn on and switch off to block out the boredom of everyday life but when will I be able to turn
on a different life altogether?

It’s when people make their private noise public that I get annoyed
If I wanted to listen to your rubbish music don’t you think I’d ask
If I wanted to know all the gossip from your life don’t you think I’d ask?
I would and you’d ignore me, claiming I was rude
Well why tell your friend on a train full of strangers
Can’t you wait ’til you get home??

© 2nd January 2008

editors note:

The repercussion of publicly displayed privacy is a poetically proscribed profile. – mh

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