Fetus Dew On Arum’s Leaf

by November 8, 2012 0 comments

In a calm night you fall down,
And down and down,
On me, where you feel reconciliation,
What a peace you bring to me!
My veins enrich with bed of sea,
My face brightens as canopy of moon,
I feel my chips are dancing,
The free lives dive together in the pool!
I connect to my reminiscence,
You inspire me and heal for it,
And I recall my struggle,
This propagates my principal thought of life,
I gaze at you and you grin for me,
And you again spark miracle in my sense,
And I get enlightenment.
My soul springs up,
Upper and upper,
To the cosmos where it dodges in heaven,
But suddenly you renounce my warm rapport,
Then I fall down as you do on me.
My universe collapses, yours too.
My holiness vanishes, yours too.
Scorching beast suckles my beauty, yours too.
Come on and live together ever!

editors note:

Down and down, up and upper; all points are occupied at one time or another – when you’re together. – mh

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