(With apologies to the Bard)

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To be, or not to be: that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler to recall, in camera,
Film and chemistry of Ilford and Kodak,
Or openly take issue with digital trickery?
And opposing – end it? Process and weep
My friends; yet by weeping say we stop
The delicious grain of pushed Tri-X
Or saturated blush of Fuji Velvia?

We took our pics and waited hopefully,
That patient merit of unworthy takes –
Perchance to dream of the perfect frame,
Our sins developing in the dark.
All this we are heir to: snap or wrap;
Grab shots – aye there’s the rub, but
Phixoshape will wipe away the tears,
Erase all warts and thorns of life.

And so our native hue of resolution
Is now to be disjoint and out of frame.
These obsidian templates, do we see,
In HDR, ecstasy greenly turned awry –
And losing truth? Yet Neopan
Transformed to good enlargement,
No perfume lost in newborn naked film;
Good light locked for future generations.

In that held breath what dreams we leave
As we shuffle off some instant scene?
Now they layer reality to decorate
Their cracked and crumbling artifice.
Tomorrow and Tomorrow images from the past
Will show history as they like it shown.
Their marketplace must never be deranged!
Our moment stilled must be forever changed.

editors note:

It’s a deeper struggle than the choice twixt “paper or plastic.” There’s no gain in giving up the soul-satisfaction which comes from the forging of hand-crafted memories. – mh

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