Dream cultivating

by November 6, 2012 0 comments

I plant dreams
On a barren hill
Muscular fit
Apparel torn
Thistles poke the dark skins
Memories unwind

Your face rectifies placid perfumes
I inherit your staunch smell

No memory lanes between us
No bridge to connect us

I planted a dream in your mind yesternight
And today you are a violent sun
Burning everything that’s within me

I’m a cactus unverified
By multiple identities

You grow into a massive tree
Bearing dreamy fruits
Whilst ragged faces swarm and surround
Picking up every emotion that you cherished
Now you own silent ears and speechless tongues
It’s a routine you fulfill
Planting dreams
Planting dreams

editors note:

Dream planting is a human pastime; harvest our primal need. Seeds in dirt, slips of paper in dark slots, touch screen depressions of hope and intention. Who knows what dreams the fruit will bear? – mh

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