Untimely suicide

by on October 10, 2012 :: 0 comments

Growing alone in dark corners
xxxWhere the monsters always seem to find you.
You scream out, but no one’s there
xxxxxxAnd in the end, you find out.
xxxxxxxxxNo one ever was.

Solutions appear unreasonable to others,
xxxBut for you it seemed the only escape.
It’s complicated to function in this society.
xxxxxxWhen the truly mad
xxxxxxxxxRun the madhouses.

A perfectly tightened noose
xxxxxxIn a closed closet waiting for
xxxxxxxxxYour death.
People sullen and unhappy about the outcome
xxxxxxxxxOf your existence.
A beautiful young girl spread out in a casket.
xxxxxxWaiting for her prince who never showed up
xxxxxxxxxTo save her from herself.

editors note:

Sad when, with no succouring saviour, tendency, taken to conclusion, tells no good time. – mh

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