Same old same

by October 12, 2012 0 comments

Venus is fading
like smoke
from a cigarette.

I’m out, looking
down the terrace row
that’s flanked by Venus

Static structures cage me.
Damn them
and that glow
from the chlorine polluted baths,

cathedral high. Bleached
orange skylights
lead to a distorted heaven
and Venus disguised by pigeon muck.

Across the wasteland
windows flicker. Televisions
are strewn like dandelion seeds
planting their numbing attraction. Venus

is as rare as frog’s teeth
in people’s minds. I look to the sky,
chest open, then sigh as I see
Venus yet again.


editors note:

The seductive siren, faded and fouled. Her song, too faint to arrest attentions; all eyes and ears attuned to the television toccata. – mh

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