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I’ve heard from personal accounts
and television testimonials
that some lucky individuals
have seen the other side
Can death be new life?
Is heaven that close?
that we can follow the light out of a tunnel
like sewer rats in search of truth?

It’s a beautiful comfort
in knowing that a purifying radiance exists
that a doomed love can see the light of day
that a lost soul can be born again

Our human nature seeks light
Time to make things right
If I could reverse lumination
from the hour cast of stars
in my mother’s belly
I would pluck the jagged ones
and replace them with hope instead

It pains me
to count losses at the speed of light
We are drawn together
by a promising brightness,
Is it possible to take apart war
and create peace?
Is there safety in numbers?
Parked at a convenience store,
I observe millions of moths
swim to a light post,
while a desperate city flickers

© 2012

editors note:

Keep the jagged ones in a drawer in the nightstand; never open before sun up. – mh

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